Turned The Wrong Way
Beth Shapeero



17 December 2021 – 30 January 2022

Open Thurs-Sun 11am – 3pm

Closed 24 – 26 Dec., 31 Dec. – 2 Jan.


Beth Shapeero presents an exhibition of new painting works created during 2020 – 2021.  In her first major solo show in Scotland, she exposes a variety of painting styles and mediums, from turbulent, messy canvases to simple ink drawings on paper. Her painting, which sits alongside her interdisciplinary practice, was especially productive during the lockdown periods of recent times, when her diary, like most people’s, suddenly emptied.

In the works Shapeero enjoys struggling with the awkwardness of gesture. Her process plays with the dualities of painting- holding back when the work feels energetic, leaning into the strangeness and unexpectedness of what is produced, and returning to paintings after the frenetic energy of making to consider them.

‘Paintings can look good after just one stroke. What urge makes you want to do something that push further, on toward contingency, clumsiness, strangeness or even brutality? Awkwardness is that thing, which is fleshy, funny, downward-facing, uncontrollable; it is an emotional or even philosophical state of being, ] ‘against the great and noble, and also against the cynical.’ Amy Sillman, ‘Shit Happens’ in Faux Pas (Paris: After 8 Books, 2020).

Please join us for the exhibition opening on 16th December, 7-9pm 


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