20 April – 7 May 2018

Five projects presented across the site at House for an Art Lover featuring new work by Tine Bek & Paul Deslandes, Scott Caruth, Winnie Herbstein, Rosie O’Grady, Alex Sarkisian and Bahar Yürükoglu.

Winnie Herbstein


Studwork used video and installation to traverse the masculine territory of the building site. It situated itself within real-life encounters, agitprop feminist rehashing and online tutorials. Short skits demonstrated moments of exclusion as well as depicting a community in Glasgow that has gathered around the learning of a trade, in particular highlighting the women’s welding collective Slaghammers and the Women in Construction course at City of Glasgow College.

Reflecting newly acquired skill-sets, the environment vowed to be tactile, structural and androgynous. Herbstein is an artist and filmmaker. Her work seeks to investigate the silences and gaps in our ‘official’ narratives working with personal anecdote, memoirs and oral histories as a way to access alternative forms. Taking ethnographic film as a point of departure, she considers who and what is given permission to enter the frame, and whose voices are allowed to prescribe meaning.

Winnie Herbstein (b. 1989 London, England) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Herbstein graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2014 from the Sculpture and Environmental Art department. Solo shows include: Before I could speak, X spoke, Outpost Gallery, Norwich, UK (2017); and Soft Shoulder, SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow, UK (2016). Group exhibitions include: Spring Season, Hospitalfield Arts, Arbroath, UK (2017); Domestic Observations, Jace Space, Los Angeles, USA (2016); and Bit Between Teeth, Sattler and Pötszch, Leipzig (2016).

Supported by Glasgow International, Axisweb, City of Glasgow College, Hope Scott Trust, Victoria Mitchell and the Slaghammers.

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