These Stories... :

Sekai Machache & Thulani Rachia

These Stories…




24 April – 10 May 2020

Those stories created for our sublimation assume a single state, a single story. 

Quantum superposition is a state in which a particle or waves can exist in two positions in space simultaneously. 

As Africans who live in the diaspora, this state of being, of occupying multiple spaces is fundamental to our experience. This state of being here there, now then, corporal transcendental.

We piece things together to make sense of the whole. These things, fragments, histories and mythologies become our stories – created as a form resistance, through a conservation of our traditions, ideas and beliefs.

These stories are multi-dimensional and speak of shared and disparate perspectives from the continent and its diaspora. 

This pair of conceptually linked solo exhibitions by Sekai Machache and Thulani Rachia and presented in the Heritage Centre piece together fragments, histories, and mythologies as a form of resistance against the daily, systematic oppression experienced by people of colour.

This exhibition is curated by Katherine Ka Yi Liu.

Sekai Machache(b.1989) is based between Dundee and Glasgow, Scotland. Her work is a deep interrogation of the notion of self. Having been born in Zimbabwe and raised in Scotland, she has a particular interest in W.E.B Dubois’ notion of Double Consciousness, which expresses the psychological challenge of having African heritage whilst living in the West. Sekai is a founding and organising member of the Yon Afro Collective. 

Thulani Rachia (b. 1988, South Africa) lives and works in Glasgow. Rachia’s Interdisciplinary practice integrates the fields of Architecture, Performing and Visual Arts. He utilises practice-as-research approach in which is preoccupied with exploring site and history, examining how these locate identity culture and memory. Rachia is currently a Committee Member at Transmission Gallery and works as an Associate Director at Ignite Theatre.

Katherine Ka Yi Liu (b.1989, Los Angeles) identifies herself as a queer Asian womxn who stands robustly as a contemporary artist, curator and activist. Growing up mostly in Hong Kong where her research interests were sparked by witnessing the transition between the colonial and post-colonial era of the city. She has obtained her Master degree in Fine Art Practice at The Glasgow School of Art, UK in 2016. She has been actively engaging, involving, curating and exhibiting nationally and internationally, including at Intermeida Gallery, CCA, Glasgow (2017), Sine Projects, New York (2018), Alice R Rogers & Target Galleries, St, John’s University, Minnesota (2018), The City Arts Centre, Edinburgh (2019), Inverness Art Gallery, Inverness (2019) and more. Recently, she has been selected to participate in the CCA Creative Lab Residency 2020/21 programme.  She was part of the first generation of all queer PoC Committee members at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow since 2018.  

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