29 February – 4 April 2020

TUTOR Douglas Morland
DAY Saturday 1 – 2:30pm
DATES 29 February – 4 April (6 weeks)
AGES 13 – 19
LOCATION Art Studios

Kick-start your art career with an introduction to portfolio-making. Get ahead of the curve by learning essential portfolio skills, tips and techniques to produce a body of work that will start your journey towards art school. Working with a dynamic range of approaches and materials you’ll create work in paint, print, photography, drawing and collage, while learning about the importance of development and punchy presentation in order to create a knock-out folio for that first step as an artist!

Week 1 – intro / object interrogation – drawing, painting, sculpture and photography exercises.
Week 2 – producing quick ‘concertina’ strips of printmaking, collage, negative drawing and stencil drawing from the source material in week 1.
Week 3 – self portrait ‘moods’ in a range of drawing and painting materials, approaches and formats
Week 4 – ‘alter ego’ exercise (complementing the self portrait exercises) using found objects, materials, fabrics etc., create an alternative identity/character which will be explored through photographs, drawing, painting, collage and print.
Week 5 – ‘alter ego’ exercise (continued) and/or shoebox exercise (creating photos of a ‘film scene’ that your alter ego character might inhabit, by constructing a model inside a shoebox, shining a torch inside and photographing).
Week 6 – Finishing and mounting work for portfolio ‘presentation’.

Learning Outcomes:

– Gaining an insight and understanding (through practice) into the principles of constructing an art portfolio, in particular the notions of clear developmental progression and flow, taking each idea through a number of experimental approaches towards coherent outcomes/final pieces.

– Gaining an understanding (through practice) into the importance of presentation of work, ultimately ‘curating’ a strong, coherent and cohesive folio for the viewer.

– Gaining a range of new skills and practical approaches to art making that will be evidenced in the variety of works produced.

– Beginning to identify personal strengths within specific areas of art making and starting to nurture and enhance those.

Your Tutor:
Douglas Morland is a Glasgow-based artist whose recent solo exhibitions have included the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2018, The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, and a recent two-person show at La Compagnie, Marseille.

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