2 – 16 November 2019

TUTOR Simon Buckley
DAY Saturday 2 – 4pm
DATES 2 – 16 November (3 weeks)
AGES 8 – 15
LOCATION Art Studios

Join us for three highly interactive sessions that will introduce little people to three of the BIGGEST areas of Western Philosophy: Epistemology and Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Moral Philosophy!

From Kant to Kierkegaard, Leibniz to Limmy and Trump to Tinie Tempah, this engaging and accessible series of introductory classes will dispel any notion of philosophy as something for fusty old professors. Through thought experiments, games, demonstrations, discussions and dirty tricks, together we will bring to life some of the most challenging and exciting questions of human existence, showing how these questions are more relevant today than ever! Our objective is simple: question everything, especially things that seem certain!

Session One: What Philosophy is
This first session will explore what philosophy is (a subject, an approach, a word that can mean any number of things?) Together we will investigate ideas surrounding appearance and reality, human intuition, silently falling trees, empirical science, evidence and human certainty!

Session Two: Philosophy of Mind
Through thought experiments, optical illusions and gorilla suits we will explore the relationship between the mind, the body and the external world, angry bats and brains in vats, neurons and computers, self-knowledge and self-consciousness.

Session Three: Moral Philosophy (If I reinvent bad then I’m no longer bad!)
Now we have some idea of what the world is made up of and our place within it, we will turn to examine how we should therefore behave. Through thought experiments, role playing games, demonstrations and a (shortish) spell in our specially built philosophy prison, together we will explore our values, choices and freedom. We will consider what we mean by free will and determinism, relativity, justice, social influences and of course truth.

Your Tutor:
Simon Buckley is an artist and writer living and working in Glasgow. After gaining a PG-Dip in Analytic Philosophy from Bristol University in 2011, Simon moved to Scotland to study for an MFA at The Glasgow School of Art (GSA). Since graduating in 2013 he has worked extensively as an artist and writer for a wide range of artistic and academic institutions. In 2020 Simon will begin his doctoral studies at GSA and Glasgow University.


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