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27 June & 4 July 2020

TUTOR Kevin Andrew Morris
DAY Saturdays 10am – 4pm
DATES 27 June & 4 July (2 days)
LOCATION Art Studios

During this two-day Masterclass Kevin will introduce participants to the basics of making tiles through hand-building and press-moulding, offering the chance for beginners and intermediate students to design and make their own set of tiles as well as apply glaze and decals onto pre-made bisque tiles. All work will be fired after the class and be available to pick up at a later date.

Course Content and Structure:

Day 1
Introduction to traditional and contemporary tiles as well as the basic principles of making hand-built tiles using impressed, incised and relief decoration techniques.

Introduction to mixing and pouring plaster.

Making a plaster mould of tiles made as well as experimenting with stamp/sprig-mould and scratch block techniques. Finished moulds will go on to be used to make a set of tiles.

Further tidying/finishing of plaster forms if required. Introduction to press moulding and using moulds to make a set of tiles

Day 2
Introduction to slip decoration/finishing techniques (inlay, incising/sgraffito stencils, slip trailing, combing) marbling/agateware. Applying techniques to tiles made.

Introduction to the basic principles of coloured glazes, application and surface decoration. Glaze mixing and application demonstration – pouring, dipping and brushing techniques. Preparing paper resists for glazing.

Introduction to the basics of using decals and transfers on pre-existing tiles. Exploring themes and techniques present in Kevin’s work, participants will use a range of imagery printed onto ceramic decals to upcycle tiles, learning how to apply decals onto ceramic surfaces and compositional approaches to using decals.

Your Tutor:
Kevin Andrew Morris graduated with BA (Hons) in Ceramic Design in 2010 from The Glasgow School of Art. Since then he has gone on to exhibit his work nationally and internationally as well as work with a range of artists, institutions and work on various public projects. Currently based in Glasgow Morris is often referred to as a ‘Nomadic Ceramicist’ working across Scotland.

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