*Due to the current situation this class has now been cancelled*

27 June 2020

TUTOR Douglas Morland
DAY Saturday 10am – 4pm
DATES 27 June
LOCATION Art Studios

Why do we draw and does drawing still matter in the age of the internet and the digital image? This one-day course takes these questions as its starting point in order to explore this most basic of human activities. Through a range of dynamic drawing experiments with different processes and materials we will examine notions such as looking and recording, experimental mark-making, drawing as an interface between your body and the outside world, the benefits of slowness, and the physicality of tools and materials.

Whether you have prior art experience or not, this course will definitely change your perspective on what drawing can be in a fast-changing, image-saturated world. Drawing is so much more than lines on a page!

Your Tutor:
Douglas Morland is a Glasgow-based artist whose recent solo exhibitions have included the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2018, The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, and a recent two-person show at La Compagnie, Marseille.


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