*Due to the current situation this class has now been cancelled*

14 June – 5 July 2020

TUTOR Sheena Russell 
DAY Sunday 1:30 – 4pm
DATES 14 June – 5 July (4 weeks)
LOCATION Art Studios

Potentially the start of a life-long habit of recording the outdoors with pencil and paper and learning to really see your surroundings. We will start off with a quite structured session, looking at perspective, scale, composition and form. As you gain skills you can get more creative and expressive, adding your own mood, flair, tone and exaggeration to your drawings.

Learning outcomes:
Participants can expect to further their understanding of space, structure, texture, depicting light and dark, as well as expanding their drawing skills and techniques, and how to get most out of materials.

Week 1: Introductions, materials, perspective, composition, examples from artists who work outdoors (for variety), drawing exercises to get started, using line. (Mostly pencils)

Week 2: Composition, tonal drawing, chiaroscuro, texture. (Mostly charcoal)

Week 3: Colour-mixing (range brilliant to muted): dialing it up or down? (Mostly pastels)

Week 4: Putting it into practice: choose subject matter/viewpoint, materials, monochrome or colour.

Your Tutor:
Sheena studied Fine Art Drawing & Painting at Glasgow School of Art, graduating with her BA (Hons) in 1997. She works as a professional artist from her studio at Trongate 103 and has exhibited her work in the UK, Europe and New York.


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