1 – 22 February 2020

TUTOR Morven Mulgrew
DAY Saturday 10am – 12pm
DATES 1 – 22 February (4 weeks)
AGES 8 – 15
LOCATION Art Studios

This fun class will involve learning key ceramic techniques then applying them in a fun, experimental and expressive way! You will learn three main techniques: slab building, coiling and pinch pots, and then you will use those skills to make pots, sculptures and even the base of a water feature! You will play with clay, get messy and get creative. Experimentation encouraged and glorious failures will be celebrated! After firing your work in the kiln, you will learn how to apply glaze and have fun with colour.

Structure and Course Content:

Week one:
Clay Masks and Water Fountains!
You will use the slab building technique to build either a wall plaque, clay mask or even the base of a water fountain! You will build up from a flat surface of clay using various tools and learn about slip and score to attach clay together. You will think ahead about the hanging and attachment of your work and put those design ideas into your piece. We will have a water fountain testing session at the end of the class in week 4!

Week two:
You will glaze your work from week one and learn about glaze application techniques whilst getting creative with colour and shape!
You will then do some speed building: one hour to make a towering totem sculpture in clay using the pinching technique which you will learn.

Week Three:
Self POTraiture
You will learn how to make a coil pot and then use this technique to make a pot that you will then sculpt your 3-d portrait on using a mirror! You can even add ears and maybe even earrings!

Week Four:
The last session will be a glazing session of your amazing clay sculptures and your POTraits. Using skills you have learned in week two, you will get expressive with glaze whilst considering the balance of inside and outside, and raw clay versus glazed clay.
Then we will test our water fountains to finish!

Your Tutor:
Morven Mulgrew is an interdisciplinary artist and ceramicist based in Glasgow. Working across ceramics, performance, costume and design she makes live work, costume and artefact concerned with the body.
Interested in the homemade, the hand made, DIY and shonkiness as well as precision, shape and form, she likes abstract absurdities and grandiose gestures.
Graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Sculpture (2004), she then graduated from Cordwainer’s College as a Shoemaker (2007) and Ecole de Theatre de Jacques Lecoq (LEM programme 2012). She was awarded the A-N collaborator’s bursary in 2013 with Jess Akerman and is currently a performer and maker with Rebecca Davies’ The Oasis Social Club project. She has been making and selling ceramic work for the last 4 years, and was an artist in residence at Studio Pavilion in 2019.

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