Oktavia Schreiner


Residency period: July – August 2021

Oktavia Schreiner is a visual artist working in ceramic and wood to produce large-scale painted sculptures. Using the characteristics and strength of her materials, she engages in a mainly process-based approach to making art. With clay she builds classical forms and creates interactions between them and their wooden structures. The sculptures are solid and rooted, reinforcing the durability of ceramic. In contrast, the light and playful imagery which she paints and scratch onto and into the surfaces of the clay or wood are fleeting and airy. Through the ceramic and wooden forms integrated with their painted narratives, both humorous and serious, she is engaging with the mental and physical relationship we have to objects and space. Often dealing with fragility, loss, order, healing and pleasure the abstracted ‘stories’ depicted on the surfaces always also relate to the characteristics of ceramic. 

Oktavia was born in 1991 in Salzburg and grew up in Berlin, Rome and Linz. Since 2017 she has lived in Glasgow where she is a studio member at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios. In 2020 she won the Arno Lehmann Prize for Ceramics.