Objects of Celebration:

Claire Heminsley

Objects of Celebration 

25 November 2017 – 4 March 2018

Objects of Celebration celebrated a multitude of things. It began very personally, with Heminsley generously interrogating the act of being an artist, of drawing, thinking and making. By opening up to an audience her own creative working process and celebrating this Heminsley produced an exhibition that explored a subject that is far more universal; a subject that connected people across lives, cultures and societies and acted as a refreshing positive counterpoint to the troubles and turmoil’s that occur within the world.

In her work Heminsley weaves together objects and images that have been lovingly collected – some of these are imbued with personal stories and histories, some may be socially or politically loaded; others are merely trivial, throwaway items that simply look appealing or puzzling. For Objects of Celebration these objects and images pieced and placed together became almost symbolic and provided us with a variety of social references reminiscent from various world cultures and rituals of celebration, with an over-arching focus on decoration and movement.

Underpinning all of Heminsley’s arts practice is drawing. It is with the drawn line and mark that she begins and this then extends its self into her printmaking, stitched textiles and collages.

Claire Heminsley has presented work in solo and group exhibitions in Noyers-sur-Serein, France; Philadelphia Museum of Art & Craft, Philadelphia, USA; Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn New York; Collins Gallery, Glasgow; St Andrews Museum; Fife Contemporary Art and Craft; Itami, Japan and the RSA Edinburgh. Selected commissions include: The Glasshouse Hotel Edinburgh; The Tron Theatre; Woodmansterne Publications Ltd; Northwood collection Ltd; Royal Society of Architects Scotland; BBC Scotland & Kangol Ltd.  Heminsley has lectured extensively at Dundee and Angus College, Glasgow School of Art & Cumbria College of Art & Design and currently runs the Community Artspace Off the Rails Arthouse, Ladybank Station, Fife. In 1986 Heminsley established INCAHOOTS a textile design company, specialising in design for print, embroidery and illustrative graphics.

This exhibition was generously supported by a Visual Artist & Craft Award: Fife as well as a whole host of family, friends and colleagues who contributed to a Kickstarter campaign.