November Workshops:

Michael Durning

November Workshops:

Fraser Taylor

November Workshops:

Sharon Thomas

November Workshops:

Sheena Russell







Each workshop will be led by creative practitioners/ artists who have previously delivered workshops or classes as part of HAL’s annual programme. In working with us in piloting this short programme of workshops, we aim to open up the Studio Pavilion again for eight participants in each workshop, which will enable us to follow social distancing rules to ensure safe working practices.

Each 5 day workshop is £240.00

Four workshops will take place in the Studio Pavilion throughout November, and begin with with ‘An exploration of materials and methods with Michael Durning’ from 2 – 6 November from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

The workshop will explore the use of materials in developing individual approaches and perceptions into ways of working that shape and influence your ideas and practice. The workshop is open to all levels of experience, including beginners who are interested in how to progress from drawing to painting. Ideas such as how gestural line and mark-making reflect your personality will be explored alongside traditional drawing methods. The use of monochrome techniques as well as the experimentation of colour and materials will also be developed through specific exercises.

Workshop Objectives:

  • An introduction to self-portraiture, landscape, and seascapes;
  • An introduction to colour theory and practice;
  • Understanding perspective and the allusion of scale and distance
  • Independent practice and discussion.

The second of our November workshop series continues with Developing Your Studio Practice with Fraser Taylor,  9 – 13 November from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

The workshop will advance your studio practice by developing new approaches alongside the  opportunity to share and discuss ideas collectively.

What makes creative practice relevant and contemporary will be explored throughout the workshop. Integral to the experience will be opportunities to explore materials, discuss and practice presentation and installation ideas. The workshop will address individual goals and ambitions, and extend professional practice with engagement in group discussion on current thinking in art and design. It will conclude with a structured group critique to identify individual strengths that support and maintain forward-thinking practice.

Workshop objectives:

  • Making and creative practice;
  • Group critiques;
  • Visual research;
  • Development of conceptual enquiry.

The third of our November workshop series continues with Drawing and Painting: An Open Studio with Sharon Thomas, 16 – 20 November from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

Working in the Studio Pavilion, you will have space to share and present your work for discussion as well as the opportunity to document and record your work for future reference.

You will be encouraged and supported to develop your drawing and painting practice through a wide range of media; from dry drawing media to wet water colour and oil painting media. Continual demonstration will be offered in your development of a small body of new work. The workshop format is also aimed at supporting those who wish advice and space to set their own studio brief, or continue with their ‘work-in-progress’. All levels of experience are welcomed as the workshop places an emphasis on nurturing studio confidence, as well as providing open dialogue around creative practice. 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Experimentation of ideas and media to support your production of a new or already existing drawing/painting folio work;
  • Deliver practice-based teaching that develops your formal skills and knowledge;
  • Offer group and individual critique as a means of strengthen practice;
  • Introduce simple documentary techniques of recording work-in-progress, as a reference for future development.


The last of our November workshop series finishes with Finding inspiration in the everyday with Sheena Russell, 23 – 27 November from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

The workshop will focus on the ‘everyday and ordinary’ and consider it differently. Through elevating the subject matter of the ‘everyday’, new ways of thinking about our creativity will be explored.

Throughout the workshop you will be guided through various stages of drawing and colour analysis to set challenging, but achievable goals when faced with the prospect of ‘what should I draw?’

Working within the confines of one’s domestic setting and local area, as well as perhaps more limited access to materials, this workshop will utilise what we surround ourselves with when living in these strange times.

Workshop objectives:

  • Observation and appreciation of surroundings;
  • Development of visual ideas;
  • Setting creative challenges.

For further details please contact Lynn Stevenson at

or call 0141 483 1600 option 3

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