Nathan Cook

Residency Period August – September 2018 

Nathan Cook is a performance artist based in Glasgow. Cook creates one-off performances often video recorded. The artist plays with basic choreography, costume and set using both sound and video platforms to present his work. Cook is interested in the idea of the spectator, sportsmanship and the uncanny relationship between theatre and the everyday. Cook isolates and performs instances of personal experience in a space separate from reality. His work often evokes a slapstick awkwardness and tragic control; setting the stage for an analysis of human condition, success and failure and the mundane life. Cook uses drawing to set the stage for his performances, abstracting and dismantling the aesthetics of everyday spaces for spectacle and re-inventing them as minimalistic arenas. These raw spaces suggest a sincere focus task and allow the imagination to fill the gaps.

Nathan John Cook (b. 1993, London) lives and works in Glasgow. Selected shows include Skaarch, Crownpoint Studios, Glasgow (2018), Green Reflection (curated by love unlimited), Suite 2/2, Glasgow (2017), Formar parte es lo que cuenta, Residencia Corazon, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016), Bought objects, (curated by withfc), Voidoid Archive, Glasgow, Art of Matter: Special Blend, Art LaCuna, London (2015), Glasgow > Leeds; Leeds > Glasgow, Blip Blip Blip, Leeds (2015) and One Night Stand (curated by withfc), The Plinth, Glasgow (2014).