Louise Gibson

Residency Period August – October

Louise Gibson is a Scottish artist who works instinctively with a variety of collected materials, selecting familiar unsensational objects and fabric and bonding them with combinations of polyester resin. Her work is emotively organic, visually resplendent and embodies layers of intriguing narrative. Vibrant and beautiful but raw and gross, the work is solid and dry but soft and wet and despite its physical rigidity it contains an almost loose and live fluidity, guiding viewers eyes in and around relatable yet undistinguishable marks and forms, providing for a visual indulgence.

During her residency Louise would like to revisit some of the sculptures that she started in her studio in Berlin. Exploring new casting process combining crystallisation and steel she would like to test and further develop this process. Gibson predominantly combines polyester resins with recycled fabrics, using various practical processes to complete work, sculpting casts at marble factories, moulding metals with onsite metal recycling machinery and lacquering art works at local car garages.

Louise Gibson (b. 1985 in Scotland) graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art and in 2012 relocated the studio to Berlin. She also undertook a private residency placement at a metal recycling yard in Lichtenberg where she continued to work regularly until the end of 2017. Louise now lives in Glasgow and works between Glasgow and Edinburgh. She is currently completing a public art work for The Grove Hotel in London whilst also working in a satellite lab with ASCUS Art and science (Edinburgh) on a self-initiated research project in collaboration with Polynt Composites Ltd., who support her innovative practice.