Looking out Looking in

Grace Fisher, Ruby Flowers, Anne Goldrick



26 March 2022

Open 10am – 3pm

The work in this exhibition was produced by three artists who participated in ‘Developing Creative Practice’ at the Studio Pavilion, House for an Art Lover in February 2022. The workshop allowed each artist to develop strategies in advancing their studio practice with an emphasis on building a community invested in sharing and discussing ideas. The Studio Pavilion allowed space to produce work in series and the architecture and specifics of the interior permitted a welcomed consideration of scale. The vast rectangular windows provided cinematic views of the surrounding landscape, offering endless content for conversation and visual inspiration. Methods of installation were under constant scrutiny and the dialogue deliberating the relationships between each artist’s work was central in realising this exhibition. Fraser Taylor

Please join us for the exhibition opening on 25th March, 5.30pm-8pm 


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