Kat Rulach

Residency Period August 2018 

Kat Rulach is a textile designer and artist who recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art. She uses woodblocks to produce colourful and one of a kind fabrics. Her passion for sustainable and ethically produced textiles is key to her work and her inspiration reflects this: looking at the natural world and man-made influence upon nature. Her process is a slow and considered one which looks back at textile history and traditional printing methods whilst at the same time using contemporary design techniques. She spent five months studying in Tokyo, Japan and her love of Japanese design continues to have a huge influence on her work.

For this artist residency Kat looked at the walled garden at House for an Art Lover for inspiration and used the space to carve wooden printing blocks and produce a collection of Noren – Japanese hanging curtains – both practical versions of the doorway curtains as well as unique art pieces. The focus of the project was experimenting with the methods of carving and printing blocks whilst observing the natural division between a garden and indoors.