In Residence: Summer 2018 

Group Show

19 September – 14 November 2018

Throughout the summer months of June to September a number of artists have been utilising the shed spaces in the courtyard of the Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover to experiment and create new work.

Throughout June, July and August artists Alys Owen & Michella Perera created a botanical wonderland in order to explore the connection between humans and plants; Marija Nemčenko prepared work for a project she presented at the Berlin Project Space Festival in August involving a social happening at a Turkish Market; freelance curator Anna Tüdős created an interactive 2D playground for adults and children alike; and Ruth Switalski & Thom Rees used the space and time to explore their practices collaboratively.

August saw Kat Garbutt produce a collection of Noren (Japanese hanging curtains) inspired by the Victorian walled garden; Nathan Cook explored object making as a means to create props and stages for his performance-based practice; Martha Orbach worked in a mixture of drawing, printmaking and animation; and Angus Wolf worked on a series of woodblock prints relating to Oliver Byrne’s 19th century interpretation of the Elements of Euclid.

September included Jack Brindley exploring the place of stained glass in contemporary art; James Jimbo inviting various artists to make collaborative drawings, as well as making his own; Lana Hughes & Ruby Pluhar working on their joint project, Sirens, where they have been exploring the space between imagined realms and reality; and James Winnett has been working on a public art commission, a stone carving to be sited in Nottingham.

In Residence gives a glimpse into the practice of all the artists who took part in this year’s programme and celebrates their time spent here.