Ieva Jankovska

Residency Period September – October

Ieva Jankovska is a Latvian jewellery designer and maker currently based in Dundee. The duality of her identity is evident throughout her designs that merge traditional silversmithing techniques with modern technologies, like 3D printing and enamelling; contrasting natural forms with stark, geometric shapes and enhancing minimal aesthetic with fine details. As the visual inspiration in Jankovska’s work is mostly derived from nature, time spent indoors observing the world through windows has prompted her to use architectural elements, such as rigid frames, straight lines and flat planes.

Over the period of her residency, Ieva Jankovksa plans to produce visual material in the form of video, drawings and sketches of the House for An Art Lover and the surrounding grounds. She would like to utilise the workshop area to fabricate material samples and develop designs for a collection of jewellery/small objects. Jankovksa also intends to capture properties relating to her experience and surroundings using light intensity and muscle activity sensors.

Ieva Jankovska recently graduated from the jewellery and metal design department at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. For years she has been providing assistance and delivering workshops in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dundee. She is the recipient of the Visual Arts and Craft Makers Award. Her most recent exhibitions include The 4th J at WASPS Studios in Dundee AUTOR Contemporary Art Jewellery Fair in Bucharest, Romania or Elements Festival in Edinburgh.