I can’t open the
can because my
nails are painted


20 April – 7 May 2018

Five projects presented across the site at House for an Art Lover featuring new work by Tine Bek & Paul Deslandes, Scott Caruth, Winnie Herbstein, Rosie O’Grady, Alex Sarkisian and Bahar Yürükoglu.

Alex Sarkisian and Bahar Yürükoglu

I can’t open the can because my nails are painted

Alex Sarkisian and Bahar Yürükoglu presented a new film work, I can’t open the can because my nails are painted in The Bothy in the walled garden at House for an Art Lover. The film explored the artists’ collaborative relationship that began after they met whilst on residency in Svalbard, in the Arctic Circle, and continued until they met again exactly two years later in the inverse climate of Guna Yala, Panama.

Whilst in isolation in these remote sites a platform emerged for the artists to turn the camera on themselves and reveal their concerns around their own self-positioning in these particular environments. Conceived as a film installation for GI, the work builds on narratives of the Anthropocene commenting on globalization, cultural displacement and addressing tourist colonialism. At the same time the artists examine their own personal positions within this intimate collaboration and their own inherited family histories and whilst exploring timely political issues do so with an uncanny humour.

Bahar Yürükoglu (b. 1981 Washington DC, USA) lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. Solo shows include: Maybe I’d like to be like you, artSumer, Istanbul, Turkey (2017); Divide and Conquer, Lock Up International, Istanbul, Turkey (2016); Flow Through, ARTER, Istanbul, Turkey (2016); and Melting North, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA, USA (2014). Group Exhibitions include: Asymmetric Kin, COOP Gallery, Nashville, USA (2016); 34, Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, USA, (2015); Intimate Horizons, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, USA (2014); and 2013 Biennial, Decordova Museum and Sculpture Garden, Lincoln, USA (2013)

Alex Sarkisian (b. 1990 USA) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.Sarkisian received her MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2014. Recent exhibitions include: Bradley xx, in collaboration with Neoterismoi Toumazou, Crownpoint, Glasgow International,Glasgow, UK (2016); Lair, VoidoidARCHIVE, Glasgow, UK (2016); ídrögum, Akureyri Art Museum, Akureyri Island (2015); Prehistoric Loom I & II, No Toilet Space, Seoul, Korea & Yada Shimin Gallery, Nagoya, Japan (2014); and How Many Shades Would an Artist Pack for Holidays?, Neoterismoi Toumazou, Nicosia, Cyprus (2013).

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