Festive Windows


Featuring: Agata Pietrusz, Folky Polky & Flowers Vermilion


December 2019 – January 2020

This Festive Season we have invited a number of local Southside Makers to decorate the window recesses in the Studio Pavilion gallery whilst the gallery closes over the Winter.

Glasgow based duo Folky Polky, whose work stems from an interest in Polish Folklore and tradition, present a number of their PAJAKI chandeliers throughout the windows. PAJAKI (pah-yon-ki) are an element of Polish folklore tradition originating from the XVIII century. Made with dry wheat straw collected from the fields during harvest, they were usually prepared during late autumn and winter evenings by regional crafters as well as countryside folk. PAJAKI were hung in the main room for major celebrations such as Christmas & Easter, but also at weddings and on the arrival of new babies. They are believed to bring good luck, fortune and protection to the house.

Folky Polky operate as a social enterprise with their key aim being to support the growing artistic potential of a Glasgow-based Polish minority – providing opportunities to explore Polish cultural and artistic heritage in Scotland. 

The window looking out into the walled garden features an array of work by Glasgow based Polish illustrator and architect Agata Pietrusz. Inspired by mid-century design as much as folk art, Agata paints on objects such as plates, vases and wooden features, giving them a second life in her own distinct style.

Also featuring within the windows are a number of pieces by artist and florist Terri Hawkins. Terri runs the floristry studio Flowers Vermilion, setting it up as a way of combining her skills as a set dresser, artist, gardener and florist. Flowers Vermilion was established in 2018 and has grown to showcase itself in editorials for major fashion brands, unique events and workshops.

Terri’s work featured in our previous gallery exhibition Part Seen, Part Imagined and the natural materials used here have all been reused from the work presented in that show. Terri is keen to avoid waste and preserve the life span of the cut flowers she uses but also sees the beauty in a skeletal form or a bare twig.

Folky Polky

Insta: folkypolky

Agata Pietrusz

Insta: agata_pietrusz

Flowers Vermilion

Insta: flowers_vermilion


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