Residency Period May – June

DATH is the work of Lou Rowland and Niamh Moloney. Both met while studying an MDes in Illustration and an MLITT in Fine Art Practice (Drawing) at The Glasgow School of Art. Through a growing friendship they have recognised a shared interest in the experience of making art as a method of self-soothing.

Lou Rowland (b. 1993 Ireland) is an illustrator, artist, designer and musician based in Glasgow. Her artistic practice involves creatively working through illustration, song-writing, painting, composition, music-making, book design, pattern design, installations & facilitating workshops. Her work is often imbued with bright primary colours, eccentric patterns and playful compositions. She uses abstract imagery to promote positive wellbeing. She now works as print technician & studio manager of the risograph studio Risotto.

Niamh Moloney (b. 1982 Ireland) is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. Her practice is concerned with those spaces in which our bodies meet and blend with the external world; where the outside passes inside registering responses and changes in our physiological and emotional states. Since graduating in 2018 she has been on residency in Cove Park to work on a project called Rest and Be Thankful. She has also had a number of articles published in The Skinny and Art Review Glasgow. 

Through their residency DATH are going to explore the link between making and creative play through drawing and making workshops, exploring specific colours through connection with others in order to understand their effect on our physiological, mental and emotional states. As predominantly urban based artists they are keen to play with methods of infusing natural physical spaces with ideas, shapes and colour. The link between the shed studios and the surrounding area of House for an Art Lover is of utmost importance to the realisation of this project, as it’s a way to immerse human bodies in these natural spaces to gain direct experience of the effect the environment has on ourselves, our bodies, how we make together, and how we make with others.