Fraser Taylor & Rose Wylie

Fraser Taylor & Rose Wylie

16 June – 16 July 2017

The exhibition COLLISIONS focuses on the creative influences and personal friendship between two artists Rose Wylie (b. 1934) and Fraser Taylor (b. 1960). Central to the concept is the notion of commonality and difference, and a unique three-day ‘experiment’ that brought Rose Wylie and Fraser Taylor together after some twenty years to develop a new set of work for exhibition and publication.

The Studio Pavilion exhibition is accompanied by WERK no: 24 COLLISIONS, a visual survey of Wylie and Taylor by creative director Theseus Chan, and is co-published by STEIDL (Germany) and WORK (Singapore). Curated by Alison Harley and documented by Oona Brown, the publication is interspersed by textual pieces by Jimmy Cosgrove, Jeff Gibbons, Ian Massey, Jo Melvin, and Liam Scully. Selected by either Wylie or Taylor, contributors were invited to explore their connection and insights to each artist through open forms of writing, which Chan and his team have cleverly embedded as both text and image.