Chanelle Brown

Residency Period May – August

Chanelle Brown (b. 1993, London) is a Black Female artist and writer. Using sound and scent, body and space she rewrites and unravels history beneath layers of hair, textiles, rhyme and film. Much like caring for the fine coils of her own hair she gently untangles the complexities of trauma and personhood through musical storytelling and immersive performance. In 2017 Chanelle was awarded the JDKelly Memorial Prize. This autumn she will begin her final year of study at Glasgow School of Art. In May 2019, Mother… (a collective led by Aqi Hassan and Chanelle Brown) launched their publication Exhale, at the GSA Project Space.

During her residency Chanelle Brown will work with personal topics of interest: archived histories, colonialism, exploited bodies. Having access to the Heritage Centre will provide her with an opportunity for site-specific research and work that can effectively challenge the uncharted histories and perspectives involved. While working side by side with other artists and curators will grant her access to the essential creative input and critique.