Block, Print, Line

Block, Print, Line
Alan Aitken, Rosalind Lawless, Marija Nemčenko, Kat Rulach & Up Print

6 February – 16 April 2019

Block, Print, Line is a group exhibition bringing together work by Alan Aitken, Rosalind Lawless, Marija Nemčenko, Kat Rulach and Up Print (Louis Gault & Bethan Turner), artists whose practices play with and organise an assemblage of colour, shapes and forms. Utilising printmaking techniques (predominantly screen printing, wood block printing and mono-printing) alongside painting the artists use process and experimentation as a means of critical enquiry. 

The artists presented within the show have all had important relationships with our programme of exhibitions, residencies and learning at Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover. Representing a varied mix of artform, education and experience these artists have either taken part in our summer residencies – developing their work on site in the grounds; been part of our team of art tutors offering classes in their specific processes and expertise; or come on board voluntarily to gain experience in teaching arts and running exhibitions.

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