Anna Tüdős


Residency Period July 2018

Anna Tüdős is a freelance curator interested in exploring hidden histories and under-represented issues often through unconventional ways of mediating art. She often works in collaboration, with art forms such as installation, performance, happening or intervention.

Her current research examines playground structures and ‘the child’ and its play in artistic practices. She draws from architecture, urban planning, but also game theory and elements of play: chance, failure and self-organisation. As nowadays the question of free play becomes political, she identifies art as a tool to explore how necessary social change is prevented from taking a violent form through play and experimentation.

Anna worked in collaboration with Maria & Henri & Sylwia Osiecka on her project Enthusiasm whilst in residence. Enthusiasm is an installation occupying the negative spaces at the Studio Pavilion. An abstract drawing created for the courtyard space functioned as an obstacle course where various graphic signs evoked physical movement. Visitors of all ages were invited to test their 2D playground!

Anna Tüdős (b. 1993) is a freelance curator from Budapest, Hungary, based in Glasgow. She completed the Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) MLitt course at Glasgow School of Art in 2017 after her studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Her recent collaborations include Over Over Over, an art exchange between Detroit and Glasgow, ‘MARCH ON’ at Kinning Park Complex, and a research project with the Neon Muzeum in Warsaw. She co-hosts the show ‘Radio Dacha’ on Subcity Radio exploring the notion of the “East” through discussion and music.