Anna Danielewicz

Residency Period May – July

Anna Danielewicz is an artist working with performance, installation, video and ceramics. For her residency she will look into developing material manifestations of the story about Vouns – non-human persons living in a secret landfill settlement. As a commentary on sustainability and global environmental collapse, her project Voun Town is going to look at critical ecological questions through the lens of non-human rationality. Both a consequence and an expression of resistance to market capitalism, Vouns employ a strict division of labour, occupying the ambiguous space between action and passivity. Informed by a post-colonial perspective on science fiction, Voun Town considers the social consequences of collectivism, as well as the potential it creates for a more symbiotic relationship with the environment.

Anna Danielewicz studied Theatre Practices at the University of Glasgow and Intermedia Art at the Edinburgh College of Art and has performed in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Berlin. She has been a Committee Member at the Market Gallery, before that she was the Co-director of Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, Co-founder and Treasurer for the Mutual Artists’ Co-operative and took part in Scotland and Venice as a Learning Team Member. She was awarded Colette Sadler Micro-bursary, Hope Scott Trust Grant, The Elephant Trust Grant, ECA/ESW Bursary Award, Andrew Grant Bequest and John Skelton Fellowship.