Studios & Workspaces

Surrounding the Studio Pavilion we have a variety of flexible spaces suitable as both studio and workspaces as well as alternative exhibition spaces.

The Art Studios complex is predominantly used to deliver our Learning & Engagement. It contains a basic communal kitchen area, male and female washrooms and two large studio workshops that can cater comfortably for classes of up to a dozen participants.

Sited within the courtyard of the Studio Pavilion are a number of shed spaces that provide varying opportunities to artists and creative practitioners. The spaces lend themselves to being used for a variety of means be it as a workshop or fabrication space; as an artist’s studio or to film; an exhibition space or space in which to host events, performances or screenings; or simply to experiment and try out new ideas with our aim being to provide space to focus on creative output, engagement, diversity, research, or a combination of all of the above.

These spaces are utilised as part of our Public Programme but on occasion are available for use. If you are interested in using one of these spaces please contact